Creating a New PIN and Activating Your ICICI Credit Card

Today We Know Creating a New PIN and Activating Your ICICI Credit Card.ICICI stands for Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India. It provides banking and financial services to a select clientele. On the other hand, it’s one among India’s first financial institutions. It was in Vadodara, India, where ICICI Bank first opened its doors in 1994. As of right now, operations are managed from Mumbai. There are thousands of workers and lakhs of clients involved with the business.

A landmark in the development of the Indian financial sector, this bank offers its clients facilities and services on a par with the best in the world. Customers in times of financial need may apply for a credit card from the bank. In order to reap the benefits of having an ICICI credit card issued to you, you will need to activate the card. The actions necessary to activate your new credit card are outlined below.

You may pay your bills with ease with an ICICI credit card. In order to facilitate a wide range of financial transactions, ICICI Bank offers its employees a selection of cards. The cards may be made active and a PIN can be generated in many different methods. Make sure you activate your ICICI credit card before using it for the first time so you can start taking advantage of the card’s benefits.

ICICI Bank Credit Card Activation Through Net Banking

The initial step for new cardholders is to enroll in online banking. Registration may be completed in person at any branch, or on the bank’s website. Customers who are already enrolled in online banking may get the PIN by adding a credit card to their account.

  • For ICICI Bank Online Banking, please go to
  • Platform, then go on over to the login tab.
  • Go to “obtain user ID” on the main page. Read the pages and follow the directions.
  • Simply choose the “Proceed” link and click it.
  • To continue, go to the payment section and input your credit card information and the cellphone number associated with your card.
  • To verify your information, please enter the OTP shown on the page.
  • To retrieve your password, go to the login page and choose “get password.”
  • Enter the user id, registered mobile number, and OTP received next.
  • A new passphrase will be generated by the system.

Creating a New PIN and Activating Your ICICI Credit Card

Activate ICICI bank Credit Card Using Mobile Banking

  • Use your user id and password / PIN to enter the mobile banking app.
  • The “services” tab may be found on the homepage.
  • Now choose your preferred choice for generating a card pin or credit card number.
  • Simply choose the card you wish to use from the drop-down menu.
  • To verify the cellphone number, please input the new credit card PIN now.
  • A submit button should be chosen.

Activating the ICICI credit card through the ATM card.

  • You may use the card at any ATM, even those in ICICI Bank’s lobby.
  • You may choose your language of choice from the menu.
  • Following that, choose “pin generation” from the available options.
  • Just stick to the on-screen prompts to correctly alter the PIN.

Activate ICICI Credit Card Via Customer Care

To reach the bank’s customer service department, account holders may dial the bank’s toll-free number. For assistance, dial 1800 200 3344 and listen to the prompts (interactive voice response). Successfully changing your PIN requires calling from your registered mobile phone and following the prompts.


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