Download Canara Bank RTGS Form PDF Canara Bank NEFT Application

Today We Know Download Canara Bank RTGS Form PDF Canara Bank NEFT Application.Money may be transferred from one bank account to another in a number of different ways. For the sake of elucidation, let’s consider the Indian banking system. Instantaneous payment systems such as IMPS, UPI, etc., are available. However, they have a lower cap, which is an issue.

In this context, we also encounter RTGS and NEFT. This is the correct method to utilize if you need to send a large sum of money (in Lakhs). National Electronic Funds Transfer is what it stands for here. Real-time gross settlement, or RTGS, is an additional abbreviation. The Canara Bank NEFT Form and RTGS Form are both available for download in portable document format (PDF) below.

In order to get a Canara Bank NEFT and RTGS Application, one must go to the bank’s official website. We’ve included a link at the bottom of this piece where you can get the application in PDF format. The application form may be printed out once it has been downloaded.

If you need to send money to another Canara Bank client at another branch, you may do it quickly and easily. There are online and offline options for making the transfers. With these methods, you may move funds inside Canara Bank or to other financial institutions. UPI transfers, NEFT transfers, RTGS transfers, and IMPS are now the most common options.

Download Canara Bank RTGS Form PDF Canara Bank NEFT Application

NEFT Transfer Charges

Every time a NEFT is made, the following fees are assessed:

  1. The fee is Rs 2.25 + GST for transactions up to Rs 10,000.
  2. A fee of Rs 4.75 + GST is due for invoices totaling between Rs 10,000 and Rs 1,00,000.
  3. Prices between 1 and 2 million are subject to a fee of Rs 14,75 + GST.
  4. A fee of Rs. 24,74 + GST is due for any payments above Rs. 2 lakhs.

RTGS Transfer Charges

All RTGS transactions incur the following fees:

  1. There is an additional fee of 24.50 for amounts between 2 lakhs and 5 lakhs.
  2. Any payment beyond Rs. 5 lakhs would incur an additional charge of Rs. 49.50 + GST.

How to Fill Canara Bank NEFT or RTGS Application Form?

The information requested here will appear just once on your application. The form has two parts: the summary and the body. On the left side of the form, you’ll need to provide the beneficiary account information. It’s also important to fill out the right side of the form with the information of the individual making the first request to transfer funds.

  • Put in the name of the Canara Bank location where you bank. When conducting a transfer from your primary branch, please specify that fact.
  • Include the current date in the space provided for it.
  • If you’re applying for either RTGS or NEFT, you’ll only need to fill out one form.
  • The method of payment is up to you. (In Person) (Cash or Check)
  • Include the name and location of the recipient’s bank.
  • Identify the person or organization that will receive the money in your favor by typing their name here.
  • Specify the exact monetary amount you want to send at this time.
  • In the left area of the application form, you must provide the information of the individual making the NEFT or RTGS transfer.
  • Sender’s name, account number, address, cellphone number, and PAN Card number must be entered. Please sign the application on the bottom left hand side.

How to Save NEFT and RTGS Transaction Charges

Potentially, you may avoid having to pay the associated transaction fees. When you use the digital channels provided by Canara Bank, you may conduct NEFT and RTGS transactions free of charge. By “digital channels,” I mean the bank’s official mobile banking apps and internet banking page.


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