Download ICICI RTGS Form NEFT PDF Form

Today We Know Download ICICI RTGS Form NEFT PDF Form.Real-time gross settlement, or RTGS for short, is a mechanism wherein funds sent between banks appear instantly in the recipient’s account. Money transfers between individuals may be made with a minimum of 2 lakh and a maximum of 10 lakh utilizing the RTGS form. If you need to send a payment of less than 2 lakhs, you may utilize NEFT, which stands for the National Electronic Fund Transfer System.

Here you’ll find the ICICI Bank NEFT Form as well as the ICICI RTGS Form Pdf download link. Both of these PDF files are readily available for free download at the aforementioned URLs. Choose either the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) Form or the National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) Form if you need to transfer money quickly. Money transfers between bank accounts may be made both online and offline.

For ICICI bank transfers of more than 2 lakhs, use the RTGS form. With an Andhra Bank account, you may utilize the NEFT form to send money to any other bank in India, not only ICICI. At ICICI Bank, you’ll need an RTGS form or a NEFT form for every NEFT/RTGS-related transaction. ICICI Bank’s RTGS/NEFT PDF form details are provided below for your convenience.

Fill the ICICI NEFT Form or ICICI RTGS Form

The majority of the form is comprised of two primary components. These are the sections labeled “Remitter” and “Beneficiary.” Please use the information below to complete the ICICI BANK NEFT/RTGS form.

  1. Get the ICICI NEFT/RTGS pdf forum and print it out.
  2. Use RTGS/NEFT by selecting the option at the top of the page.
  3. Please include data about the sender in the appropriate field. Details (such as your name, account number, check number, and the amount to be deducted from your account)
  4. Don’t forget to fill out the box asking for information about the recipient. (Such as the name and account number of the beneficiary, the IFSC code for the bank, the name of the bank and its location, etc.)

Download ICICI RTGS Form NEFT PDF Form

Charges of ICICI Bank NEFT 

Up to 10,000: 2.25 + 10,000 GST
Over 10,000 but less than 1,000,000: 4.75 + GST
1475 + GST for amounts between 1 and 2 million

ICICI’s RTGS Limits and RTGS Times

Monday through Saturday (except every other and every fourth Saturday) RTGS: INR 2,000,000 to INR 10,000,000.When completing an ICICI Bank RTGS or NEFT application. Then you’ll see the sections below, which will help you fill out the ICICI NEFT / RTGS form without any hassle.

When making a NEFT or RTGS transfer to ICICI Bank, you’ll need to fill out two separate areas of the form.
Details of RTGS/NEFT transaction summaries may be found on the left side of the document, while beneficiary information can be found on the right.
In order to make an RTGS or NEFT transfer, the client must provide certain information, including the transferring bank’s IFSC code, the beneficiary account holder’s account number, and the complete amount being transferred.
The bank will next fill out the “Branch Usage Only” part, in which they will note the transaction ID, etc., when the transaction has been finalized.
The minimum amount for RTGS is Rs 2,000 and the maximum is Rs 2,00,00.


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