How to Sign Up for SBI YONO Without Using the Internet

Today We Know How to Sign Up for SBI YONO Without Using the Internet.Innumerable Indians rely on State Bank of India, one of the country’s premier financial institutions, for cutting-edge banking and other financial services. The State Bank of India serves not just individuals, but also small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a variety of banking and financial services. ‘You Only Need’ For a broad variety of banking and financial needs, Indians may use YONO, the State Bank of India’s automated digital banking app. Designed to meet users where they are, this app debuted in 2017. This app was developed by SBI to provide users a different kind of online banking service. The app may be used to start a wide variety of vital actions, including checking account balances, establishing a fixed deposit, moving cash, seeing account statements, and many more.

You Only Need One (YONO) is State Bank of India’s unified platform for facilitating both online banking and Unified Payments Interface (UPI) transactions for its customers. Both a website and an app are available for use. The YONO SBI app may be downloaded on both Android and iOS smartphones. Users with an SBI account may use the mobile app to do a wide variety of banking-related tasks, including but not limited to: creating new accounts, examining transaction histories, and making payments. Also, app users have the option of limiting the app’s functionality.

Every time you use the YONO SBI app, you’ll have to check in using a username and password. Still, there may be instances when you need to change your login or where you just forget it. You may easily reset your password without using your debit card by following the instructions below.

Follow some steps to Sign Up for SBI YONO Without Using the Internet

  • Visit the homepage for the State Bank of India at
  • Simply choose “log in” from the “personal banking” menu.
  • Select “continue login” to proceed with your login.
  • The choice is: Forgotten Username or Password”
  • Choose “lost my username” from the menu, then proceed by clicking “next.”
  • You’ll need to provide your CIF number (located on your passbook), your nationality, the mobile phone you use to access your online banking, and a captcha code.
  • When you’re ready, hit the “submit” button.
  • After receiving the OTP at the phone you provided during registration, please enter it and then press the “confirm” button.
  • Your new YONO SBI username will be displayed and a text message will be sent to the cellphone number you gave at registration.

How to Sign Up for SBI YONO Without Using the Internet

How to Sign Up with YONO SBI Online

Internet banking makes signing up for the YONO SBI app a breeze. When compared to signing up for and enrolling onto the app without internet banking enabled, the procedure is substantially easier and quicker.

Instructions for downloading and activating the YONO app for SBI Bank through Internet Banki are provided below.

  • To get the app, search for it in either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Pick the SIM card you want to check.
  • The financial institution will send an SMS to your phone to confirm your mobile number. Make sure you use the proper OTP.
  • In order to use the app, you’ll need to input your net banking credentials if you’re already set up for online banking.
  • Just log in to your online banking account and verify it using an OTP.
  • You may continue using the YONO app after you’ve given your consent to the use of MPIN by checking the box at the bottom of the screen.
  • The registration will be complete once you see the success message.

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