ICICI Bank Mobile Number Registration Instructions

Today We Know ICICI Bank Mobile Number Registration Instructions.It’s crucial for the safety of your bank account that your mobile phone number be associated with it. And so that you are aware of your financial standing at all times. I’m referring to the actual goings-on in your bank account. When a transaction occurs on an ICICI Bank account linked to a mobile phone number, the bank will send an SMS message to the registered number. However, the bank cannot send you an SMS reminder if you have not registered it.

However, you may opt in to get SMS alerts about your purchases if that’s more convenient for you. The next step is to link your ICICI bank account to your mobile phone number. In addition to the aforementioned uses, this is crucial for obtaining OTP from the bank.The Mumbai-based ICICI Bank is a major international financial services company in India. You’ve found the ideal spot if you’re trying to find an online means of updating your mobile phone number at ICICI Bank.

If you’re a client of ICICI Bank, you may use the convenient online banking service known as “net banking” to manage your finances from anywhere in the globe, whenever it’s most convenient for you.Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to change your registered mobile phone number at ICICI Bank.This post will explain how to link a mobile phone number to an ICICI bank account. Visiting any ATM location will complete the procedure for you. Although ICICI Bank should be the sole owner of such ATM hub.

Follow some steps to Changing Mobile number ICICI Bank Online

  • Click here: http://www.icicibankrefer.com/user/changeMobileNo.php to access the appropriate page to make the necessary changes. .
  • The page will allow you to modify your mobile phone number. Before you can proceed, you’ll need to provide the bank with the ’email address’ associated with your account.
  • Then, input the “old phone number” you used to register with ICICI bank. The “new mobile phone number” that you want to use from now on should be entered underneath the old one.
  • The last step is to hit the “submit” button once you’ve filled out all the fields. Congratulations, your online request to change your cellphone number at ICICI Bank has been processed.

The change will take effect instantly on your cellphone number and an email will be sent to your registered email account with the details.

ICICI Bank Mobile Number Registration Instructions

Change mobile number ICICI bank through ATM

  • Put your ATM card in the machine, wait a few seconds, and then remove it.
  • Go ahead and key in your personal identification number at the ATM.
  • Click the “More Options” button on the machine’s interface.
  • There, go to the “Registration Mobile Number” menu.
  • Simply key in your phone number and tap the “Yes” button.
  • You may finish up by entering your phone number again.

Change mobile number ICICI bank by customer care

Instead of logging into your ICICI bank account online or visiting an ATM, you may simply contact customer support and request that your cell phone number be updated.

They’ll ask you some questions to verify it’s your account, and then update your registered cellphone number to the one you provide.

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