Mini Statement in Numbers from Canara Bank

Today We Know Mini Statement in Numbers from Canara Bank.The Indian government has a large stake in Canara Bank, making it one of the country’s most prominent public sectors. This article is for you if you have a Canara Bank account and would want to see your mini statement. Check the most recent five transactions with the help of the tiny statement. If you have any questions about where your money has been deducted or credited, you may see the condensed version of your statement.

Canara Bank is a major nationalized financial institution in India. The bank’s current headquarters have been in Bangalore from the early 1900s. The bank has more than ten thousand locations and provides a wide range of services to its 10.4 billion clients. You may use these features to look at your Mini Statement or your Last 5 Transactions in a number of different ways.

Mini statements are like a streamlined version of your bank’s passbook; they only include the most recent five to ten transactions. It keeps you abreast of the deposits and withdrawals made via your account. Find out how to access your Canara Bank Mini Statement via the various channels provided below.

The Canara Bank Mini Statement allows customers to see details about recent account activity. First, a customer must register their cell phone number with Canara Bank in order to access the bank’s Mini Statement Services. One-time registration of a mobile phone with a bank account enables the customer to get a Mini Statement through a variety of physical and online channels at any time.

Mini Statements from Canara Bank may be accessed in a variety of ways outside of a Bank Branch or an ATM. Through Canara Bank’s Mobile Banking and Internet Banking Services, you may access your Mini Statement and see its contents. You may also acquire your Canara Bank Mini Statement over the telephone at 09015483483 or by the fax at 9015734734 if you don’t have access to the internet.

Using Canara Bank’s Missed Call Service to View Your Mini Statement

Giving a missed call from your registered mobile number is one of the simplest methods to acquire the tiny statement. An active internet connection is not required for this procedure.

You may access your mini statement, which includes information like your current amount and details of the latest five transactions, by dialing 09015734734 from your registered cell phone. Credit and debit entries, denoted by “CR” and “DR,” will also be shown in the SMS.

From your registered cellphone number, you may contact 09015613613 to get your mini statement in Hindi.

Mini Statement in Numbers from Canara Bank

Obtaining a Mini Statement from Canara Bank through Text Message Banking

You may obtain your Canara Bank Mini Statement through SMS Banking Services in addition to the regular Missed Call Banking service. Although there are no fees associated with using Canara Bank’s SMS Banking to get a Mini Statement, customers may incur costs for sending and receiving SMS messages, depending on their mobile service provider.

  1. Mini Statements through SMS Banking require consumers to sign up for SMS Banking Services, which they may do at any Canara Bank branch or ATM. Through Internet Banking, they may sign up for SMS services as well.
  2. After signing up, individuals may send a text message from their registered phone to the Mini-Statement Number For SMS.
  3. Users may now have transaction details sent to their phones through text message.

Mini Statement in Numbers from Canara Bank

The Canara Bank is the third largest state-owned bank in India. It has been there since the early 1900s and was founded in Bangalore. More than 10.4 crore clients have access to the bank’s many services thanks to its more than 10,000 locations throughout the country. The opportunity to verify small statements is the most sought after feature among both the standard and premium tiers of Canara Bank’s offerings.

You may get your Canara Bank mini statement with the click of a button, thanks to the bank’s convenient online banking platform, mobile app, SMS service, and missed call number. Mini statements are like a condensed version of your bank passbook; they include the five to ten most recent transactions so you can see where your money has gone or how you’ve been paid. This is helpful if you need to rapidly review recent financial dealings.

You may get your Canara Bank mini statement in a number of ways, all of which are detailed here. Two of the five methods we’ve outlined for checking your mini statement need an online connection, but the other three may be used on any phone, including those without internet access.

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