Misplaced Your UAN Number Locate Your UAN Number Online

Today We Know Misplaced Your UAN Number Locate Your UAN Number Online.The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) streamlines our ability to access our PF information by consolidating it from all of our employers into a single online portal. The EPFO website requires a unique 12-digit number in order to access it. One such name for it is Universal Account Number. All private and public sector workers are issued a UAN number. Whether you move departments or switch companies, your UAN will follow you. There is nothing you can do to alter your UAN number; it will always be the same. If you’ve lost track of your UAN but have access to the internet, you may quickly reset it. The following are online options for reclaiming lost UANs.

You need to know about your UAN number whether you work for the government or a private company. Every company that pays into EPF is now required to have a unique UAN (Universal Account Number), which was introduced by the Employer Provident Fund Organization. All the Information You Need to Locate Your Lost UAN Number Online Is Presented in this Article.

EPFO (Employer Provident Fund Organization) provides you with a new Member ID if you switch jobs. Whatever the frequency with which you switch jobs, the UAN assigned to you will stay the same.

With your UAN number in hand, you may initiate the transfer of any remaining funds from your former accounts. Oh No, I Can’t Login Because I Lost My UAN! There’s no need to stress if you’ve misplaced your UAN; the UAN Portal makes it easy to retrieve your lost number.

Follow steps to forgot your UAN number recover

  • Visit the UAN member portal website and choose the “know your UAN” link on the main page to access your UAN.
  • You may now input your mobile phone number associated with your PF account, or a different number altogether if you have several PF accounts associated with the same person. Now, please fill in the captcha that has shown and then choose request OTP.
  • As soon as the OTP is verified, a new window will pop up. Simply type in your full name, date of birth, and the appropriate Aadhar, PAN, or PF member ID.
  • Enter your Aadhaar, PAN, or PF member ID, then click “display my UAN” after completing the captcha. Your UAN should now be displayed.

Misplaced Your UAN Number Locate Your UAN Number Online

Getting your UAN number online

  • To use the UAN portal, please go to unifiedportalmem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface.
  • After that, choose the menu item labeled “Know your UAN Status.”
  • Your state and EPFO office will be shown on the next page, where you may make your selection.
  • Type in your PF number/member ID, name, DOB, phone number, and the captcha code to verify your identity.
  • You may find your PF number/member ID on your pay stub.
  • To request an authorization pin, click the corresponding button.
  • You will get a PIN on your registered cellphone number.
  • It’s easy to get your UAN; all you have to do is enter your PIN and click the “Validate OTP and receive UAN” button.
  • The UAN you requested will be sent to the phone number you supplied.

Your UAN number has been sent to the registered phone number, so please verify it immediately.

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