PNB Credit Card Application Process Fees Rewards and Eligibility Requirements

Today We Know PNB Credit Card Application Process Fees Rewards and Eligibility Requirements.The Punjab National Bank is one of the world’s oldest state-owned commercial banks. The company was officially established in 1895, in Lahore, well before Pakistan gained its independence. Dwarka, a neighborhood in New Delhi, is home to PNB’s headquarters. With the passage of time, PNB has expanded its network across India to include 12,420 branches and 13690 ATMs. Loans, non-life insurance, gold coins, trading, debit cards, and more are just some of the services that PNB provides its clientele. Customers of PNB Bank were first given access to credit card services in 2009. There is a total market capitalization of Rs 2,095.5 cr for this bank’s shares on the BSE and NSE stock exchanges. There are currently 10 credit cards available through the bank, but only the top 6 will be covered here.

If you need money quickly and don’t want to go through the hassle of applying for a loan, a credit card is a great option. It facilitates the acquisition of products and services on an EMI basis by the common person. Customers looking to sign up for a credit card can do so through Punjab National Bank. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know to apply for a PNB credit card, including whether or not you qualify, the interest rate you can expect, and more.

PNB Credit Card Application Process Fees Rewards and Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Criteria

The following are requirements that an application must fulfill to be approved for a credit card.

  1. Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 60.
  2. Applicants should have monthly incomes of at least 20,000 Indian Rupees ($300).
  3. Applicants must either have a regular income or be in business for themselves.
  4. The candidate must demonstrate and have a solid credit history.
  5. The minimum required credit score is 750.

If all of the aforementioned criteria are satisfied, the applicant will be approved for the credit card.

How to Apply PNB Credit Card Online

Applying for a credit card from Punjab National Bank may be done either online or in person. If you want to apply for a credit card online, just do as instructed.

  • Begin by going to, the bank’s official website.
  • Check out PNB’s credit card info page.
  • The next step is to choose the online application.
  • Then, please access the application through download.
  • Please provide your full name and contact information in the application.
  • After that, complete the application by including the necessary attachments.
  • The next step is to submit your application electronically and make a note of your unique application ID.
  • At long last, a salesperson will be in touch to request documentation.
  • The necessary KYC documentation may be provided as evidence.

It will take a few of weeks to process the credit card when verification is complete. You may expect a credit card to arrive in the mail.

PNB Customer Card Number

Punjab National Bank provides a toll-free customer card number: 1800 180 2345. If you have any questions about using your PNB credit card, you can send them to creditcardpnb(at)pnb(dot)co(dot)in, which is the bank’s dedicated email address for credit card questions.


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